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Intellian v100PM Ku-Band 3 Axis V3-11P-PJW

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The v100PM also employs a Ku/Ka optimized radome and antenna reflector to satisfy service requirements in a wide range of marine environments.

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Intellian’s v100PM is 1 meter Ku band stabilized antenna which converts easily to a Ka band service terminal in the coming years. The v100PM is specifically designed for use in military applications and, as such, meets the required specifications thereof. The military market requires a solution which provides excellent performance in Ku band, an easy upgrade path to Ka band, and a rugged, purpose-built design at a COTS price point. The v100PM meets and exceeds all of these needs.
The antenna’s robust, but lighter weight pedestal design enables easy conversion from Ku to Ka band. A simple process allows shipboard personnel to replace the BUC/LNB assembly and antenna feed via a slide in/slide out procedure that involves a total of 8 fasteners. The entire process can be completed via the radome access hatch as opposed to removing the entire radome in the field. This design reduces the possibility of severe antenna damage and generates significant savings on labor cost of highly specialized technicians.
Finally, the Antenna Control Unit (ACU) for the v100PM and associated electronics are newly designed to comply with industry trend such as remote IP based managed system and simple cabling with neighboring equipment and also provide interfaces to take advantage of Intellian’s Aptus software, a highly intuitive, graphically-based antenna control software.