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Thuraya NOVA Prepaid SIM Card

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Thuraya NOVA SIM


Thuraya NOVA SIM

The ThurayaPrepaid and NOVA SIMs operate in the entire Thuraya Footprint. The NOVA SIM offers a discounted rate in some countries, but higher rates in others. To select the right SIM, simoply check if you are going to be in a discounted tariff country in the list to the right.

If you will not be in one of the discounted countries, plese click here to see our: Thuraya Regular Prepaid

For Thuraya service plans please refer to this page.

Call Costs (In Units):

Comes preloaded with 20 units

Valid for 2 years (from date of first call – must be made within 6 months of activation)

Renewal Rate = 15 units (2 years – automatically renews if credit available)

Incoming calls and SMS are free

Outgoing rates vary based on your location:


  • Calling Rates from within ‘Zone E’ NOVA Countries
  • Calling to mobile phones and landlines = 1.00 units/min (billed in 60 second increments)
  • SMS rate = 0.35 units/message
  • GmPRS (Internet) rate = 6 units/MB (billed in 10kb increments)
  • Voicemail Rate = 0.85 units/min
  • Calling rates to another satellite phone:
  • Calling from Thuraya to Thuraya = 0.85 units/min
  • Calling from Thuraya to Inmarsat, Iridium, or Globalstar = 8.10 units/min


  • Calling Rates from outside ‘Zone E’ NOVA Countries
  • Calling to mobile phones and landlines = 1.85 units/min
  • SMS rate = 0.50 units/message
  • GmPRS (Internet) rate = 6 units/MB
  • Voicemail rate = 1.25 units/min
  • Calling rates to another satellite phone:
  • Calling from Thuraya to Thuraya = 1.25 units/min
  • Calling from Thuraya to Inmarsat, Iridium, or Globalstar = 8.10 units/mi



Card valid 2 years
renewal costs 10 units (deducted automatically after 2 years if sufficient credit)
Card is PRELOADED with 20 FREE Units


Discounted Countries:
Appendix A - Countries / Areas in Zone E   

Albania     Fiji     Liechtenstein     Selat Karimata  Andaman Sea    Finland     Lithuania     Senegal      Andorra     Flores Sea     Luxembourg     Sierra Leone    Arafura Sea     France     Macedonia     Singapore     Armenia     Gambia     Makassar Strait     Slovakia     Asia Pacific     Georgia     Malawi    Slovenia     Austria     Germany     Malaysia     Solomon Island     Azerbaijan     Ghana     Maldives     Somalia     Banda Sea     Gibraltar     Mali     South China Sea     Bangladesh     Greece     Malta     Spain     Bay of Bengal     Guam     Marshall Islands     Spratly Islands     Belarus     Guernsey     Mauritania     Sri Lanka     Belgium     Guinea     Moldova     Strait of Malacca     Bhutan     Guinea-Bissau     Monaco     Sulu Sea     Bo Hai Sea     Gulf of Thailand     Mongolia     Sweden     Bosnia and Herzegovina     Hungary     Mozambique     Switzerland     British Indian Ocean Territory    Iceland     Myanmar     Taiwan     Brunei Darussalam     India     Nepal     Taiwan Strait     Bulgaria     Indian Ocean     Netherlands     Tajikistan     Burundi     Indonesia     New Caledonia     Thailand     Cambodia     Ireland     New Zealand     Timor Sea     Cameroon     Isle of Man     Norfolk Island     Tunisia     Celebes Sea     Italy    Northern Mariana Islands    Tuvalu      China     Japan     Norway     Uganda     Coral Sea     Java Sea     Pacific Ocean     Ukraine     Coral Sea Islands     Jersey     Palau     United Kingdom      Croatia     Kara Sea    Papua New Guinea    Uzbekistan    Cyprus     Kiribati     Paracel Islands     Vanuatu     Czech Republic     Korea Bay     Philippines     Vietnam     Denmark     Korea Strait     Poland    Yellow Sea (Huang Hai)     East China Sea (Dong Hai)     Korea, North     Portugal    Yugoslavia (Montenegro)     East Timor     Korea, South     Romania    Yugoslavia (Serbia)   Equatorial Guinea     Kyrgyzstan    Russian Federation    Zambia     Eritrea     Laos     Rwanda     Zimbabwe     Estonia     Latvia     San Marino       Federal State of Micronesia    Liberia     Sea of Japan A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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