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Iridium Satellite Phones

With Iridium satellite phones you can make clear voice calls, send text messages or lookup and send GPS coordinates from any remote location on the planet. There are no roaming fees. You pay the same cost per minute calling any phone number from any location. Iridium network consists of 66 low-orbit satellites that cover 100% of the planet, pole to pole.

What is the difference between Iridium satellite phones?

Iridium 9575 is different from Iridium 9555 by design and functionality. Iridium 9575 offers more durable and rugged design suitable for extreme conditions. It also offers GPS and SOS functionality for location-based services and emergency contact feature. Iridium GO! Hotspot creates a Wi-Fi network that you can connect your smartphone with and use it as a satellite phone through the Iridium GO application.

What is the airtime cost for iridium satellite phones?

There are monthly and prepaid plan options for Iridium devices. The smallest monthly plan for iridium satellite phones is $49.99 per month and offers 10 minutes monthly with no limit on overage. Overage costs approximately $1.50 per minute but varies by the size of the plan. Click on any iridium satellite phone and scroll down to see all plan options available.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally and provide tracking information + insurance for every order. Expedited shipping options are available upon request. Customer is responsible for all import duty fees that apply.

How well do iridium satellite phones work in Alaska?

Iridium phones work great in Alaska, the North Pole and the South Pole. Iridium satellites offer excellent coverage in these regions and we sell discounted airtime plans that are specific to these regions. See the Iridium Service Plans page or ask one of our sales representatives for more info of the Northern Lights plan.

How well do iridium satellite phones work in South America?

Iridium satellite network offers excellent coverage in South America and with any iridium device you can enjoy reliable network signal, clear voice call, text messaging and GPS services across the whole continent.

Can you use the phone while charging?

You, you can use any iridium device while its charging whether on a docking station or a regular charger.

Do iridium phones come with warranty?

Yes, all iridium devices come with 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. In case of a faulty device we offer quick and easy replacement free of charge. You ship the phone to us with a shipping label we provide, and we ship you a new device quickly afterwards. Warranty and free replacement do not apply for physical damage and water damage, A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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