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EVERYWHERE Safeguard App Monthly Plan


Get the EVERYWHERE App Monthly Plan today for unparalleled connectivity and safety. This robust app, compatible with both iOS and Android, ensures your team remains connected anywhere through seamless switching between cellular, WiFi, and satellite networks. It's the ideal solution for maintaining communication and safety in the most remote and challenging environments.

Payment Frequency: one-month


Minimum Term: 12 months


Reliable Communication Anywhere

The EVERYWHERE App Monthly Plan offers unparalleled connectivity, ensuring your teams stay in touch no matter where they are. Our unique EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing technology automatically switches between cellular, WiFi, and satellite connections, maintaining continuous communication. This feature is vital for teams operating in remote or challenging environments, guaranteeing that they remain connected even in the most demanding situations.

Sophisticated Check-In System

With the EVERYWHERE App, managing team safety has never been easier. Our sophisticated check-in system, which includes a countdown timer and status bars, offers peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your team's safety status in real-time. Whether your team members are within network coverage or beyond, you’ll always be updated on their wellbeing, ensuring timely interventions if necessary.

Flexible and Secure Monitoring

Empower your team with the flexibility of the EVERYWHERE App. Users can manually toggle monitoring on or off, providing them with control over their privacy while still enjoying the security benefits of the app. This feature is ideal for balancing the need for team oversight with individual privacy, making it perfect for a variety of professional settings.

Advanced Mapping and Navigation

The Map Drawer feature in the EVERYWHERE App provides advanced mapping capabilities, including live location information, various map types, and comprehensive team visibility management. It's an essential tool for teams needing detailed geographical information and location tracking to navigate through complex environments efficiently.

Enhanced Safety with Geofencing and Pins

Ensure your team's safety with our intuitive Geofencing feature. Set virtual boundaries on the map to highlight high-risk areas or important locations. Additionally, the Pins feature allows users to mark and share points of interest with precise coordinates, enhancing team coordination and situational awareness in the field.

Integration with Factal

In addition to its robust features, the EVERYWHERE App now integrates Factal, offering real-time insights into emerging and high-risk events. This powerful tool combines AI with expert journalism to quickly identify and verify crucial information, keeping you ahead of major media reports. With Factal, your teams can visualize each other's locations on the map, in relation to unfolding events, providing a clear and informed operational picture for enhanced situational awareness and decision-making.

More than an App

The EVERYWHERE App is more than just an app; it's a comprehensive solution for keeping your teams Always Connected, offering a blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features. It's the perfect tool for organizations prioritizing safety, communication, and efficiency.