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Globalstar Orbit Unlimited Plan


Payment Frequency: one-month

Unlimited minutes

Minimum Term: 12 months

Termination Fee: $880.00


Globalstar offers the most competitive pricing in the Mobile Satellite services market with Postpaid and Prepaid service options.

With monthly and annual plans and Personal and Shared Prepaid cards, Globalstar offers customers pricing affordability and flexibility to meet their specific satellite communications needs. While Globalstar pricing, voice quality and data speeds are better than other satellite networks they do have significant gaps in coverage around the world. Please contact a representive today to see if Globalstar service is right for you.

  • 12 month term applies.
  • Inbound Short Messaging included in all plans
  • Voice calls within Home Zone will be billed first minute then 30 second increments
  • Roaming and Long Distance Calls (outside of Home Zone) will be billed first minute then 60 second increments
  • Data calls will be included and billed in 15 second increments.
  • Subscriptions on the same annual plan and the same account will have the minutes pooled.
  • Unused airtime will not be rolled over to the next billing cycle.
*New hardware activations only. Free Globalstar Satellite Phone is contingent upon customer signing a 12 month service agreement on an Orbit 100/Galaxy 1200, Orbit 200/Galaxy 2400 or Orbit/Galaxy Unlimited plans. Early termination of the service agreement or downgrade to a lesser service plan will require customer to pay a cancellation fee of $41.58 multiplied by the number of months remaining in the 12 month term plus tax for the Globalstar Satellite Phone received as part of the promotion in addition to any penalties incurred for the premature termination of service. Downgrading to a lesser service plan will also result in a $50 downgrade fee in addition to a new 12 month commitment beginning on the date of the downgrade. Limited time offer. Coverage may vary. Taxes are extra.

Globalstar reserves the right to make changes to promotions, offers, pricing, coverage and price plans at any time without notice.

Unlimited minutes