Inmarsat BGAN Flex Airtime Plan

Inmarsat BGAN Flex Airtime Plan



Payment Frequency: 1 month

0 minutes ($0.99 each addnl. minute)
0 text msgs ($0.50 each addnl. text)
20 MB ($0.00 each addnl. MB)

Minimum Duration: 12 months

Termination Fee: $704.00

Tags: Voice & Data Service Plans


The new Inmarsat BGAN Flex satellite airtime plan is designed to allow users to pay a monthly fee based on the internet usage for each month. 

There are 8 groups with the minimum plan including 20 Megabytes of data per month, if usage stays below this amount only the monthly fee of $65 will be charged.

If usage goes above 20 Megabytes but below 100 a fee of $250 will be charged, if usage goes to 101MB to 250MB, $425 will be charged and so on.

The top group allows full speed internet usage up to 30 Gigabytes and then the internet will be slowed down (throttled) until the next month but there will not be any additional usage fees.


Inmarsat BGAN Flex Usage Tiers and Prices

$64 0MB 20MB
$250 20MB 100MB
$425 100MB 250MB
$700 250MB 500MB
$1139 500MB 1GB
$2150 1GB 5GB
$2799 5GB 10GB
$4150 10GB 30GB

1.) The BGAN Standard+ Plan (we call it Flex) is intended to alleviate concerns about "bill shock" by providing a plan that has the maximum "overage" charges capped for Standard IP usage. Only Standard IP services will be included in the allowance. All other services will be charged in addition to the monthly subscription(s) at Standard Plan rates.

2.) BGAN Flex is restricted to Land BGAN use only and will work in any BGAN terminal like our favorite Cobham Explorer 510, 710 or Hughes 9211 satellite terminals. 

3.) The BGAN Flex Plan includes a fixed monthly subscription charge and an additional subscription charge for the use of standard IP where usage (MB) is above 20MB. This additional charge will be dependent on actual traffic usage, but the Monthly Subscription charge will be invoiced even when there has been no usage for the month in question.

4.) Unused bandwidth will not be carried over to the next billing cycle.

5.) When the total monthly usage level goes above the 20 MB monthly included allowance, the BGAN Flex Plan will be invoiced an Additional Standard IP MB Group Usage Fee, based upon the number of MBs used in total for the month as dispalyed in the table above. 

6.) The Additional Standard IP MB Group Usage Fee is an additional charge over and above the normal Monthly Subscription Charge. For clarity, using 1200 MBs worth of traffic would generate 2 charges for the month :

  • (a.) the standard Monthly Subscription Charge $64
  • (b.) a Medium Additional Standard IP MB Group Usage Fee, which covers from 1000 to 5000 MB usage

7.) ISDN services will be blocked on the BGAN Standard Flex Plan. 

8.) Service Access and Controls (SAC-C) ie. Throttling will be applied after 30,000 MB of usage in a given month. On the next month usage will reset and speeds will resume at regular bandwidth rates per the BGAN terminal being used.

9.) 12 Month Service Agreement applies to all Flex plans. 

0 minutes
$0.99 each addnl. minute
0 text msgs
$0.50 each addnl. text
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