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Inmarsat FX-60 Premium 4096/2048MIR 256/128CIR - 60 Months


Special new Inmarsat FX satellite Leisure plan that includes 2Mbps down and 512Kbps up but does not include any speeds guarantees. You may switch to higher leisure plans and back down on a monthly basis without penalty.

Payment Frequency: one-month

0 Minutes ($0.75 each addnl. minute)
Unlimited data

Minimum Term: 60 months


Flexible Inmarsat FX satellite Leisure plan is for a short minimum term of 12 months and allows the user to move up and down between the other leisure plans without any fees or penalties. Unlimited bandwidth over the high speed GX and backup Fleet Broadband.
0 Minutes
$0.75 each addnl. minute
Unlimited data