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Meeting All National Standards for Emergency and Redundant Communications

Planning for emergencies is something we usually don’t do until after it happens, which is always too late. Hindsight is clearest and Globalstar is here to give you that clarity.

Globalstar meets all Federal SAFECOM standards and requirements for public safety wireless communications interoperability when facing a disaster or terrorist attack. The Globalstar satellite system operates independent of regional terrestrial infrastructure. This means we work even when cell and landlines don’t, and we all know that can happen during a disaster or terrorist attack.

  • Instant Infrastructure – Globalstar supplies communications in areas where existing infrastructure is outdated, insufficient,or damaged.
  • Independent of Terrestrial Infrastructure – Globalstar provides redundancy in the case of terrestrial network outages.Business, recovery efforts and communication between loved ones never has to stop when using Globalstar.
  • Temporary Network Solutions – For homeland security or military activities, Globalstar can often provide the only practical,short-term solution for getting necessary information in and out such as phone calls, emails or document and image sending.
  • Rapid Provisioning of Services – Since satellite solutions can be setup quickly using the Globalstar GSP-1700 mobile satellitephone or the Globalstar Sat-Fi®, the world’s most powerful satellite hotspot, you can achieve a high level of communicationsrapidly without high budget expenditures.

Globalstar to Globalstar Satellite Phone Calls “Double Hop” Bypasses 100% of Terrestrial Infrastructure



Mobile satellite devices are the most promising application of satellite services in the face of an emergency or disaster. The GSP-1700 and Sat-Fi are the perfect example of this, offering:

  • Crystal-Clear Voice Quality – No “tunnel sound” like the competition and clarity is key when trying to coordinate rescueefforts or evacuations.
  • Fastest Data Speeds – Globalstar is 4X faster than the competition, meaning critical emails, documents and images are sentand received faster with Globalstar. During emergencies, every second matters.
  • Lowest Priced Airtime Plans – Globalstar’s industry low airtime plans allow you to stretch your budget much further.
  • U.S.- based Phone Number – When disaster strikes, dialing needs to be simple and with direct dialing of 911 services rightout of the box, Globalstar couldn’t be any simpler. The U.S.-based phone number also eliminates calling restrictions, the blocking of other 800 numbers, common user errors and drastically reduces calling costs.
Globalstar Has Your Mobile, Fixed and WIFI Satellite Voice & Data Communication Solutions

The Newest and Fastest MSS Constellation in the World

On August 28th, 2013, Globalstar completed the launch of new, second generation satellites. 100’s of millions of dollars were invested and Globalstar was the first to launch the newest satellites in the Mobile Satellite Service industry.

Our second-generation satellite constellation is designed to support the Company’s current lineup of voice, duplex and simplex data products and services, including its SPOT-branded consumer products which are about to surpass 4,000 RESCUES WORLDWIDE

What does this means to you?
  • Globalstar has invested where no one else has. Our competitors are YEARS AWAY from launching a second generation system
  • We’re continuing to upgrade our ground system to optimize our second generation technology
  • Our already leading data speeds of 4X the competition will reach 10X in 2016
  • True redundancy and the only satellite system to have truly redundant backup gateways for increased reliabilty
Globalstar Launch

Globalstar 2nd generation satellite launch August 2013, Kazakhstan


Emergency communications networks serve a universal purpose of ensuring continuity of communications when primary networks fail or are disrupted. The ability to ensure continuity of communications when primary networks fail is a requisite for any recovery and response operations to be successful.

Emergency communications networks must match not only the demands of the users of such equipment, but must also be transparent to the outside world. They must be easy to deploy, user-friendly and able to create fast and robust connections. Equipment should be capable of multiple modes of communication including voice, data and geolocation-based messaging, regardless of the scenario.


Communications satellites have distinct benefits over terrestrial alternatives. Globalstar combines the reliability of space-based communications and standards-based interoperability to provide an always-on, always compatible solution. Globalstar offers significant benefits over terrestrial-based and most other satellite-based alternatives.

Capabilities of the Globalstar System Include:
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) – Many government agencies are required to have a redundant communications network in place in the event of a disruption of any type. Disasters and anomalies may include hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages/blackouts, terrorist attacks or even the threat of an attack.
  • Temporary Network Solution – When rapid response is essential in restoring basic services or carrying out rescue operations of people victimized by a disaster, Globalstar products and terminals are easy to deploy for a “quick-fix” solution. Largely modeled after every day cellular and home phones, little to no preparation is needed whatsoever to get a Globalstar System up and running.
  • System Scalability – The Globalstar network is flexible and can meet changing demands. Globalstar gateways can concentrate its system resources in a localized area until the primary communications network is restored or stabilized. A dditional gateways can also be deployed if broader coverage is needed.
  • Communications Interoperability – Globalstar enables connectivity among users who would otherwise be separated by jurisdictions, frequencies, communications standards, methods and large land masses.
  • Communications Operability – Globalstar allows users to communicate on one single end-to-end backbone infrastructure. Calls between two or more Globalstar phones remove all dependence on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and any other terrestrial network.

An emergency communications network must address numerous possible communications needs, scenarios and inter-agency partners who may also be involved in the response and recovery efforts.

The first and most important step in developing a crisis plan is to open the lines of communication to the outside world and the vast network of inter-agency partners. Simply having a way to communicate with each other will help tremendously in a crisis.

Type of Services Needed:
  • Voice (telephony, dispatch, talk groups and conference calling)
  • Data (text, email, Internet and file sharing)
  • Video/Multimedia (where broadband capability is required)
Calling Scenarios To and From Your Emergency Communications Network

These are likely calling scenarios between possible “calling parties.” In other words, who are you likely to call and who is likely to call you. Seamless communications are understood as the ease of placing a call to and from emergency satellite phones. Any dependence on special procedures, such as a roundabout, 2-stage dialing technique (such as special codes just to make a call) is an unacceptable liability to any emergency responder and should be avoided at all costs.

Seamless Connectivity (Interoperability)

This is often understood as the ease of placing a call to and from your emergency communications device to other communications networks and equipment. With respect to satellite communications, interoperability is crucial.

The satellite communications industry is governed by far fewer federal standards and requirements than most any other communications industry in the U.S. Many features commonplace among cellular and long distance operators, including 9-1-1 dialing, U.S. numbering assignment, 800 toll free dialing, etc. are not available with most satellite operators. Globalstar however is the only satellite provider which provides:

  • U.S.-based number
  • Calling to 800 toll-free numbers
  • 9-1-1 routing with connection to local PSAP (no special provisioning required)
Emergency Communications Solutions from Globalstar Mobile Satellite Phone
Globalstar GSP-1700


  • Crystal-clear voice quality, simple 10-digit dialing and a U.S.-based phone number
  • Utilizes Globalstar’s fastest data speeds – 4X faster than the closest competitor (9600 hotspot required, sold separately)
  • Most affordable handset in the industry
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The World's Most Powerful Satellite Hotspot


  • Uses your existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, emails and text messages
  • Speed up your work 4x faster and eliminate the dropped calls during your email sessions with 9.6 kbp/s uncompressed data speeds
  • Crystal-clear voice quality and simple 10-digit dialing while using your existing device contacts
  • Make satellite calls from your iPhone or Android device when outside of cellular coverage
  • Meets FEMA SAFECOMM interoperability requirements with standard US based telephone number

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Globalstar Sat-Fi

Globalstar GSP-2900


  • Built in RJ 11 jack, US based number, & generates US dial tone for complete transparency with existing landline phone system
  • Utilizes Globalstar’s fastest data speeds – 4X faster than the closest competitor
  • Crystal-clear voice quality with connection for up to 5 analog phones
  • Easily connects to a 12V generator or solar power system when standard 110V power goes down

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