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Iridium Satellite Network

Iridium satellite phone users can rely on the Iridium global satellite network to work everywhere on the planet, when they need it.
Inmarsat BGAN, FBB, SBB & IsatPhone Pro Coverage Map

Iridium's constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, plus seven in-orbit spares, means truly global coverage and real mobility everywhere.

The network is considered a meshed constellation of interconnected, cross-linked satellites so that each satellite “talks” with the other nearby satellites in adjacent orbits.

Unique to Iridium, this architecture provides inherent advantages in performance and reliability over other mobile satellite services providers.

Iridium NEXT Satellite Constellation

Global connectivity is mission critical and satellite communications is the only way to deliver it - across land, sea and sky. The second-generation Iridium NEXT satellite constellation will be ready to deliver with enhanced and entirely new capabilities to meet rapidly growing demand for truly global mobile communications.

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