XGate Email w/ PredictWind

Why PredictWind?

PredictWind Forecasts are generated by proven technology with the highest resolution model on the web. The forecast models are exclusive to PredictWind!

PredictWind Offshore allows users to
  • Download and immediately view GRIB Files
  • Weather Routes
  • GMDSS Text Forecasts and Satellite Imagery

The intergration of the 2 products gives world-class weather information to XGate users while letting PredictWeather Offshore users access files via satellite phones and terminals with XGate and XGate-compatible routers, including RedPort Optimizer routers.


PredictWind Offshore is currently available for Mac, Windows, and IOS. An Android version is in development.


Forecast Tables - Table that shows the forecast in a text format.

Forecast Graphs - Shows the same information as the forecast table, but in a graphical format.

Wind Maps - Arrows - The colour of the arrows represent the wind speed.

Wind Maps - Wind Barbs - The colour contours represent the direction of the wind speed.

Swell Maps - The colour gradients show the significant wind and swell height, the black arrows the primary wave direction, and the black contours the swell period.

Rain Maps - Rain forecast as a blue shading, red for heavy rain, along with wind barbs and pressure contours so you can easily identify frontal systems in the forecast.

Cloud Maps - Cloud forecast as white shading. All white is full cloud cover!

Isobar Maps - Useful to see the synoptic situation showing the high and low pressure systems.

Air Temperature Maps - The colour gradients show the air temperature forecast.

Sea Temperature Maps - This map show the latest sea surface temperature map derived for satellite data.

PredictWind Tools
Weather Routing

Find the quickest or safest route on your next trip, and the wind conditions along the route. PredictWind has the world’s first online weather routing service. Simply drag the start and end waypoints on the map, and the PredictWind server will calculate the fastest route or the safest route for your trip.

Departure Planning

What is the best day to depart on your next coastal or offshore passage? You will be spanning different weather patterns, and this powerful tool will quickly summarize the wind conditions you will encounter if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Simply drag the start and destination waypoints on the map and the weather routing algorithm will summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure.

Forecast Alerts

Setup your ideal forecast conditions for your specific location and be automatically notified by email or push notification when your ideal conditions are forecasted for your location.

Live Wind Observations

Real time weather data from 20,000 live stations across the globe.

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