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Satellite Phone Store Blog & Updates

The Most Affordable Satellite Communicators & Features

Nov 7, 2022

Explore the wide range of ways to connect to satellite internet & voice - including satellite phones, mini satellite communicators, terminals and other off-grid products. Voice is the easiest way to connect efficiently in any emergency and satellite phones are the best solution for this.

Satellite Phones as an Essential Tool After a Disaster - Voice as the Most Basic Need

Sep 30, 2022

When a disaster strikes, cellular infrastructure can be destroyed or networks can fail, leaving your business vulnerable. In the aftermath of a disaster such as a hurricane, voice communication is the essential need and a natural way to communicate. Voice calls are efficient to provide information reliably, quickly, and efficiently. Satellite phones are the primary voice solution, they are portable, easy to operate, rapid to deploy, and some have additional emergency functions.

​Bluetooth vs GSM vs Satellite Asset Trackers

Sep 13, 2019

Asset trackers have become a key technology component in many global industries including land and maritime transport, logistics, navigation, personal tracking and security. We now track almost everything from cars and planes to boats and bikes. We even track our dogs, small children, phones, and other personal belongings. Asset trackers provide the comfort and peace of mind knowing where all things are at all times.